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Introducing the Detroit Diesel DD15™
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Fuel economy or pulling power? Don't choose. The DD15™ gets up to 5% better fuel economy than the Series 60®. It is able to do this with snappier acceleration and up to 50 “bonus” horsepower.

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A new design offers a majority of its peak torque down to 1,000 RPM. You'll treat on-ramps like drag strips. With up to 50 “bonus” HP, the thrill of the road is back.

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Download DD15 Engine SpecsThe revolutionary DD15 can't be described, only driven. It'll push you back into your seat. So come to one of our dealerships and re-discover the fun of driving.

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You get Detroit Diesel's renowned reliability, plus the best performing parts and service network. The game-changing DD15 is the ultimate workhorse.

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Compared to the Series 60, which has legendary fuel economy, the DD15 runs up to 5% more miles per gallon. Cut Fuel Costs.

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Video of SCR technology - explained

Like all 2010 Detroit Diesel engines, the DD15 comes with BlueTec Emissions Technology and our exclusive 1-Box configuration. Our proven EPA 2010 technology provides you with up to 5 percent better fuel economy, and meets emission standards at the tailpipe.