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2014 Freightliner Cascadia Evolution

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  Freightliner Cascadia Evolution

At Freightliner Trucks, we view innovation as the
evolution of great ideas. Instead of constantly
“reinventing the wheel,” we leverage existing
technologies and find ways to make them even
better. Over time, this method creates more
consistent quality and greater value for our
customers, resulting in products that offer
the lowest total cost of ownership.

For example, in 2007 we introduced the
groundbreaking Cascadia® Class 8 truck model,
powered by the Detroit™ DD15® engine. The sleek
aerodynamic design and state-of-the-art engine
set a new standard in fuel efficiency. But we
didn’t stop there.

Our engineers continued to research the effects
of improved aerodynamics on a truck’s overall
efficiency. We spent thousands of hours testing
airflow and wind resistance in Daimler Trucks North
America’s proprietary wind tunnel, as well as hundreds of thousands of miles on actual roads in real-world conditions. And in 2010, we updated the available aerodynamic features and implemented Daimler’s highly efficient BlueTec® emissions technology.

The enormous success of the Cascadia
continued to drive our quest for
maximized fuel economy.
Partnering with engineers at Detroit,
we developed the Cascadia Evolution,
powered exclusively by a newly
designed DD15 engine. This new
model achieves up to a 7% increase
in fuel economy over the first
generation EPA 2010-compliant
Cascadia model and a 5% increase
over the 2013 model with
next-generation aerodynamic

Freightliner Trucks has set a clear and deliberate path of innovation, so we have the confidence to invest boldly in the future. The technologies we’ve developed
are proven and successful because they address the needs of customers and the industry. And we will continue to use innovative engineering to solve business challenges. That’s why we’re different.

That’s why you can be confident in our leadership.

The Cascadia Evolution is available in day cab, mid-roof and raised-roof configurations, and it offers a variety of advanced aerodynamic features that significantly increase efficiency and overall performance. We installed additional seals and gap closures to decrease drag. New chassis side fairings streamline airflow around the vehicle and improve performance in crosswind conditions. We even re-shaped the mirrors and integrated the antennae to maximize aerodynamics down to the smallest
detail. Together, these innovations result in better fuel economy, which is at the core of our commitment to our customers.

1 Bumper Air Dam
2 Bumper Closure
3 Hood-to-Bumper Fill
4 Cooling Enhancements
Evolution Truck5 Windshield Seal Improvements
6 Elliptical-Shaped Mirrors

7 Integrated Antennae
8 Chassis Side Fairing Enhancements
9 20-inch Side Extenders
10 Side Extender Filler Piece
11 Upper Flap Extender (when 1/4 fenders are spec’d)
12 Rear Wheel Covers


At Freightliner Trucks, we understand that driver productivity is a big part of the efficiency story. When the Cascadia was introduced, it represented major advancements in interior cab function and comfort. The Cascadia Evolution maintains that successful design, which includes an automotive-style wraparound dash that puts switches and controls within reach. Backlit gauges are easy to read. The cockpit is roomy with wide seats and long arm rests. A variety of amenities optimize the cabin for long hauls, including optional features like seat heating and ventilation, and two-chamber lumbar and side bolster support. And the Cascadia Evolution still sets the standard for quiet. So you can set the standard for productivity.
Freightliner Trucks and Detroit have solidified our leadership positions with many product innovations in recent years. It’s an evolutionary process that keeps our customers at the forefront of technology. The newly designed Detroit DD15 engine incorporates BlueTec® emissions technology. It significantly reduces pollution by actually turning harmful exhaust into nitrogen and water.

The Cascadia Evolution is also equipped with Run Smart Predictive Cruise™, a global positioning system (GPS) with three-dimensional mapping of the vehicle’s route. It enables the truck to more efficiently accelerate and decelerate over hilly terrain, increasing fuel economy. The Detroit Virtual Technician™ onboard diagnostic system is like having a service technician in each truck. When a fault code event occurs, a technical snapshot is relayed to a Detroit technician who can diagnose the issue, recommend service and even contact the nearest authorized dealership with parts in stock.
The Virtual Technician system’s optional Visibility
Package provides a wealth of information to help you manage your fleet more effectively. The webbased system monitors the status of each truck in your fleet, capturing latitude, longitude, time and odometer readings. With pinpoint accuracy, the system records vehicle stops, speeds, routes traveled, mileage by state, excessive idling and other on-board events.


The Freightliner Cascadia Evolution is the result of our commitment to evolve and innovate. It represents a new level of performance and efficiency. Yet as proud as we are, there are more milestones to reach. Partnering with Detroit, we will continue to pursue them. Great ideas today will become great products tomorrow – the kind that will help you build a brighter future for your business. We invite you to evolve with us.
freightliner evolution cascadia

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